About 詩巫


Latitude. 2.3°, Longitude. 111.8166667°
Population: 255,000 (2008 census)
Races: Chinese, Malay, Melanau and Iban

Sibu is located at the confluence of the Rejang and Igan rivers, about 90 miles from the South China Sea. It was originally called “buab sibau” (in the  indigenous Iban language) after the rambutan fruits which grew in abundance in the area. The place was a sleepy fishing village until the influx of Chinese settlers from southern China in the early 1900’s.  Thereon, she became a bustling trading center for the whole delta basin while also servicing as the gateway for the vast upriver hinterland of magical Borneo. The might Rejang is the longest river in Malaysia, about 350 miles long with many riverine towns

The population of Sibu is dominated by Chinese-Fuzhou who originated from the Fujian (福建) province on the southeast coast of China. Since this is the largest Fuzhou settlement outside China, Sibu is also widely known as the  “New Foochow (Fuzhou)”  新福州.  She also has a unique Christian character since the early settlers were Chinese Christians who sought a safe haven from the religious persecutions at home. Catholicism and Methodism are the principal faith traditions.


Fuzhou dialect mainly covers eleven cities and counties, viz.: Fuzhou (福州), Pingnan (屏南), Gutian (古田), Luoyuan (羅源), Minqing (閩清), Lianjiang (連江, Matsu included), Minhou (閩侯), Changle (長樂), Yongtai (永泰), Fuqing (福清) and Pingtan (平潭). Fuzhou dialect is also the second local language in northern and middle Fujian cities and counties, like Nanping (南平), Shaowu (邵武), Shunchang (順昌), Sanming (三明) and Youxi (尤溪).


  1. Never interested to know foochow settlement in Sibu before although my grand father was one of the guy brought by Wong Nai Siong. Dead from our memories as he left Sibu with 2 of his sons and left behind my grand mother, mother and aunty.

    However faith found it destiny when my cousin husband (daughter from one of my uncle in China) worked in Upper Lanang and looking for his wife aunties. After over 50 years we will be connected again with our relatives in Fujian.

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